Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last Day

     Well it all comes to an end today is officially the last day of classes. I am excited that it is and can't wait to enjoy summer days and warm weather. Even though it's the last day it is still so stressful having exams and projects, especially when  professors assign two exams the same day, gosh it sucks. But I'm managing and handling it and things are going pretty smooth but it is a lot to deal with. This week been review sessions and taking test. In English class it was short we had to peer review our essays then we could go. I was glad because I had to study for my other classes so I had the time to do so. The rest of the week is all exams for me and getting everything together. This semester has been a good year and stressful but I have enjoyed it and I can't wait till what next year has for me.

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